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HOLOSTAR, 3D-Lab and the Holocom / Holopress Group are specialized in the production of holograms for industrial purposes. Starting with the origination of technical, industrial or artistic holograms in small runs we also cover years of experience in holographic mass production.

We offer a wide collection of sophisticated holographic film (diffraction-foil) which can be printed and converted with your artwork.

Itīs also possible to rent or purchase unique holograms or whole collections.

Other services:

Products & Service

Holography History

Holography has been developed in theory by Prof. Dennis Gabor in 1948. Gabor is said to be the inventor of holography (Nobel-Prize 1971), although he could not proof his invention because the laser was not invented back then. The invention of the first laser in 1960 enabled the varification of Gaborīs theory in 1964 at the University of Michigan by Emmett Leith and Juris Upatnieks "just out of curiosity", the world´s first laser transmission hologram of a 3-D object was created:


"Train and Bird"

First laser transmission hologram
by Leith / Upatnieks 1964

In 1962 Dr. Uri N. Denisyuk in the USSR created a combination of holography and Gabriel Lippmann's  work of true-color photography (Nobel-Prize 1908), resulting in the first white-light hologram viewable under "normal" white light.

How is a hologram made?

In the meanwhile many different types of holograms exist, so we reduce to the basic technique of holographic mastering. (simplified statement)

During the production of a holographic master a special holography-laser is used, functioning as a light source. The exposure is made in a lab using a holographic master-table. The laser beam is divided into 2 halfbeams using a beamsplitter. (object beam + reference beam).


After expanding the object beam with a lens it illuminates the object. Both halfbeams meet again in the holographic master (film) and create an interference pattern. This interference holds the 3-dimensional information of the object, just as viewing the object through the master plate. The photochemical development of the master makes it viewable the first time under laserlight.

This original, so called H1 (Hologram 1) can be copied to a white light hologram or any kind of hologram.

Even today the production of a master is a big effort. You need special equipment and experience. During exposure any kind of vibration, noise or even temperature differences have to be completely avoided, hence otherwise the interference won´t occure and you just see nothing. Therefore even specialists often need several tries to expose the master as intended.

Hologram Types

The most important hologram types nowadays are:

Whitelight Transmission Holograms

Whitelight Reflection Holograms

Photopolymer Holograms

Dichromate Holograms

Embossed Holograms



The use of holographic products increases rapidly worldwide. The most important applications are:

Display Holograms

Security Holograms

Sales and Promotion

Package Design

For holographic mass production also photopolymer holograms are used. The main part are embossed holograms still, since they are the most cost efficient application.

Embossed Holograms can be supplied as:


Self-adhesive Labels / Stickers

Hotstamping Foil

Security Holograms

Tamper evident, self-destroying when peeled off

Holographic metallized paper/ cartonstock


Products & Services

HOLOSTAR  offers these services:

Consulting and Concepts

Image Design

Graphic Realization


Computer Generated Logos

Multimedia Services

Production of Film Footage

Dot-Matrix Images

Master Origination

Electroforming & Recombining

Mass Production

Converting & Finishing

Machinery and Technology Transfer

Alternativly to new generated, customized holograms we offer the choice of a wide range of existing holograms to combine with your own artwork.












Additionally to service and production HOLOSTAR  offers new sophisticated production technologies plus full service of technology transfer, delivery of production machinery up to complete production lines, training of employees included. See also: Machinery

More detailed information is supplied upon inquiry.

For suggestions and request: Webmaster@Holostar.com